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Mario Szpuszta

My name is Mario Szpuszta. I do work as a Principal Software Development Engineer for Technical Evangelism out of Microsoft HQ DX (Developer Experiences). Our team is called Technical Evangelism & Development and we are a group of engineers dedicated to work with software vendors across the world.

As part of that job, I do contribute to architecture & design, coding and showcasing reference solutions built for and together with Global Commercial Independent Software Vendors. These are the largest software partners Microsoft is working with, WW.

I do work for Microsoft for more than 14 years and my current and previous focus areas include cloud computing, Office 365 API integration, claims-based security and interoperability. I am passionate for running, skiing and mountain biking and I love spending some time in the mountains with my spouse Marlies and my two kids Reinhard and Linda Amalia…

For my full professional profile please look at LinkedIn: http://at.linkedin.com/in/marioszp

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  3. Hi, yes I thought about it… it’s just a matter of time:) but thanks for the cool and honest feedback… much appreciated;)

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