This week I meet more cool geeks and speakers from Europe than the whole last year;-) First we had our Whidbey Ascend training which was really great and ISVs and Enterprise customers participated on the training really liked it. Of course no surprise when having Christian Weyer, Christian Nagel and Clemens Vasters as trainers … they have really delivered hard core cool content. Oh yes, and I think we (as the small sub;-)) are the only sub where every single attendee (44!!) got a specifically for the training prepared VPC image on DVD I prepared together with a colleague overnight (thanks to Stefan from our IT department;-)).

And today we are hosting the europe MVP summit here. I am really happy having experts like Ingo Rammer (thank you for giving me the chance of becoming the Co-Author of your great book Advanced .NET Remoting for the 2nd edition … I really liked working with Ingo:-)), Hannes Preishuber, Christoph Wille and lots of other geeks from the MVP community. I am really waiting for an evening full of fun today as we have planned a typical Austrian dinner with hopefully lots of beer for them.