Today Alex and I did a full-day workshop about .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 for the International Atomic Energy Agency … and the great thing about that is when doing such a whole day workshop there for the development teams across their departments they book their Boarding Room for this event. That’s really great - I still remember the first presentation there together with Beat (our Security talk). Doing a presentation in the boarding room where international decisions are done is really cool … and much more I like the chairs and tables there. Those large, comfortable, huge chairs are just great (and honestly it’s they really lead into temptation of relaxing a little bit too much:-))… And as you have the translation-rooms on top of the room around you, I really had the feeling of being translated into 6-7 different languages. Here you have a picture of it. Maybe you get a feeling what I am talking about (but don’t forget - we had those huge chairs and not this simple chairs from the picture - those huge chairs similar to the ones in a parliament…).

Anyway - that’s just a great experience. If you are interested in more pictures just go to their image-base.