Enterprise Services with the .NET Framework : Developing Distributed Business Solutions with .NET Enterprise Services (Microsoft Net Development Series) Last week I got my first copy of Christian’s new book, Enterprise Services with the .NET Framework. This is really a cool book with lots of great content about Enterprise Services. From my perspective it’s one of the few books that describes a couple of things in a really clear and understandable way you cannot find in other books (I did the technical reviews of the first chapters of this book:-)):
  • Object Context: I really like Christian’s way of describing what a context is and how it is established within the Enterprise Services (COM+) infrastructure.
  • Interoperability Issues: of course the underlying infrastructure (Component Services) is still unmanaged and therefore you have to understand COM interop with the .NET Framework. The book covers exactly the things you need to know and even goes into details of how the context (again … it’s really the description about contexts I like) gets established through the interop layer.
  • Really good explaniations for implementing concurrency in your applications (even includes explanations of STA and MTA - they play an important role for interop issues - and well, if you haven’t understood the concept of STA and MTA yet this one of the best resources for doing so).

Just a must-have in your library if you want to use Enterprise Services…