As some of you might already know, in Austria we are going to do Security 1:1 customer workshops for ISVs and customers. Target of our activity is bringing really in-depth know-how about Secure Software Development to our enterprise customers and independent software vendors.

Together with MVPs we have prepared a bunch of really cool, hard-core content. Today we have the first day of the TTT where MVPs and I myself are presenting the sessions to the others. We all will act as trainers. Christian Nagel, Matthias Denkmaier, Peter Schneider, Christoph Wille, Hannes Preishuber, Max Hauser and Jaser Elmorsy are the community experts helped me preparing the contents.

Overall we have an offering of 14 in-depth sessions. I have prepared hard-core content for .NET Framework Security, Code Access Security, Windows Vista Security, Threat Modeling and SDL. The MVPs prepared cool contents about ASP.NET security, ASP.NET Membership API, IIS 6.0 server hardeninig, Enterprise Library security and … guess what … C++ security (oh yes:)).

Currently I am listening to the session of Christoph Wille about IIS 6.0 server hardening … and it’s really great. Actually this is one of the first IT Pro sessions which is a really exciting, cool one - even for me as developer. Christoph has posted his demo recordings on his community “” here.

That’s what I like about long evenings… with security;)