Today I travelled a little bit for the Microsoft Global Account Team and the EMEA Microsoft Services team… to Warsaw to visit Ernst & Young.

We did a whole day workshop on ASP.NET 2.0… starting at 09:30. Around 9:45 I started the first demo and finished of with it shortly before 11:45. Then we decided to continue just doing demos - so finally it was a whole day showing them, what’s in ASP.NET 2.0. Great workshop, but still there would have been so many things to show them.

If you are interested in the demos, just download them here. The examples cover typical things such as MasterPages, Themes, the new Data Source controls including ObjectDataSource, SqlCacheDependency, Resources and Localization including a custom, localizable control, dynamically switching Themes at runtime and the most important control news.

The demos are ready-to-run when you have VS 2005 and SQL 2005 Express Edition installed (database in App_Data, connectionString goes to (local)\SQLExpress).