In the past months I worked with RACON Software GmbH. on an architectural design and prototype for a composite smart client based on Composite UI Application Block and Smart Client Software Factory. RACON Software GmbH, a Software house of the Raiffeisen Banking Group in Upper Austria. This paper has now been reviewed by and Eugenio Pace and his team of the Microsoft Patterns & Practices Group of Microsoft Corp. in Redmond and is available as a public download here.

The paper discusses the approach that we have choosen for designing the architecture of a composite bank desktop application for the Raiffeisen banks in Upper Austria. In the meantime we had the chance to validate these concepts with other customers and RACON Software GmbH. is quite far in progress with the bank desktop framework.

Primarily the white paper is split into two parts:

  • Part I: Architecting a Composite Smart Client
    This architectural part discusses a couple of patterns we have leveraged and our use case driven approach we are using for identifying WorkItems and make decisions on the WorkItem packaging. A concentrated, comprehensive version of this part will be published in the next issue of the Microsoft Architecture Journal (Issue 10) with more focus on the scenarios.
  • Part II: Developer Cook-book for CAB and SCSFOne of the requirements of the architects of RACON Software GmbH. was a step-by-step guidance for developers for using CAB and Smart Client Software Factory. This second part of the paper is exactly such a cook book.

A comprehensive, concentrated version of the architectural part with more focus on the scenario is going to be part of the next issue of the Microsoft Architecture Journal (issue 10) as well.

You can download the paper here.