On Thursday and Friday I spent the whole day at the technical university in Vienna doing a VSTS prototyping workshop with about 8 tutors of the university. It was really great fun as the environment is much different from what I am used to (when setting up and working with TFS/VSTS there are usually not 8 TFS admins which are at the same time architects, developers, project managers and testers:)).

But the funniest and strangest thing there was the toilet. It was locked by default as it was on the staircase of the public building to avoid having “non-internal” people going there. And unlocking it was not easy - it’s not through a key, key card or anything else you are used to typically. The door lock there is connected with a system that accepts phone calls from registered phone numbers and only calls from valid numbers opened the door. So whenever I had to go to the toilet (and those of you knowing me know, that sometimes I need to go very often:)) I had to ask one of the students to make a phone call to the toilet upfront.

I don’t remember how often I said: “hey, can someone call the toilet for me, please” during these days… that’s really geeky, isn’t it?