Yesterday Andreas and I delivered a developer-workshop on the ECMA Office Open XML File Formats together with Austria PRO, one of Austria’s leading standardization organization in cooperation with Austria’s chamber of economics, and the Technical University Vienna. Thanks to Univ. Prof. Christian Huemer from Austria PRO and TU Vienna and to Gerhard Göschl from Microsoft Austria who organized the workshop.

Andreas from our team and I did a number of in-depth presentations and demos on Office Open XML including the following topics:

  • Architecture of the ECMA Office Open XML File Formats
  • Inside the System.IO.Packaging API for programmatic access to files
  • Interoperability with other platforms such as Java (incl. demo:))
  • WordML and solution development with Word and Custom XML islands
  • SpreadSheetML and solution development with Excel File Formats
  • Short overview on XSL/T and ECMA Office Open XML

You can download my demos here - slide-material is published on our team-blog, already and Andreas’ demos are available on Andreas’ blog soon as well. It was a cool workshop and I definitely enjoyed it…