Last week I did a presentation at the technical university of Vienna on Microsoft’s strategies for modeling and Software Factories. It was a great pleasure and fun for me to deliver this presentation as we had really interesting discussions afterwards with students on these topics.

Below you can find the assets I produced for this presentation as downloads:

PowerPoint Presentation Download (as PDF)
Simple WCF Service Factory Demo
Simple Test DSL created with the VS 2008 SDK

Although I haven’t been blogging a lot about this topic, yet, I strongly believe in this strategy. Especially since I attended the Strategic Architect Forum where Jack Greenfield clarified on some recent developments publicly announced at PDC 2008 last October. The key-questions Jack answered, are for me:

So the answer seems to be pretty simple according to these blog-postings: the much richer successor of GAX/GAT will be Microsoft Blueprints. For DSL Tools and Blueprints the product team wants to have a plan in place for smooth migration. But as I personally think that OSLO will take some more time to complete, I think we have some “time-buffer” here. In the meantime I think DSL-tools are a pretty good way to move on;) Currently I am thinking about creating a DSL for Composite WPF which might be a funny think… depends on how much time I have left in my vacation next week:))

Having that said I wish all of you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year;)