Yesterday Max and I had the last delivery of our .NET Web Developers Road Show. Again we applied our new concept of building a complete application in a whole day. This time we built the event management application using…

  • a data access layer with the ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • an ADO.NET Data Service for making the data available filtered through some simple business rules.
  • ASP.NET for the web front facing application that allows users to search and register for events incl. ASP.NET AJAX.
  • Silverlight for two separate use cases:
  • a little Events-Photos RIA integrated into the ASP.NET web site
  • and a full Silverlight application for viewing event statistics and timelines.


Again it was a great pleasure travelling with Max through our country and delivering these sessions together. You can download the complete solution from Codeplex at 

including the source-code and the presentation material. Interesting that the presentation is much larger than the source code although we spend most of the time during the events in Visual Studio typing code:)


Have much fun with trying the application and analyzing the source code… but also note that this is a demo application, only, where we made some drawbacks and simplifications in the architecture, of course.