Maybe some of you have read the Whitepaper I’ve written together with two architects from Frequentis AG (Ulrich Hüttinger and Stefan Domnanovits) a few months ago. At the DevCamp 2009 Conference I baked that into a session now!

Download the paper by clicking here if you haven’t read it, yet.

Finally after giving a presentation at TechReay, Microsoft’s internal conference for technical and strategic education, I managed to give a “fine-tuned” version of the session for the first time in Europe – at our local Developer Camp 2009 conference organized by key-partners of Microsoft in Austria.

If you’re interested in seeing the concepts of the paper in action using .NET 4.0 Task Parallel Library, then check out the presentation material and the running demo solution.

Download the Demo and Presentation here!!

The demo solution isn’t an easy thing, it’s really a little prototype to show the job/queue/command pattern using Task parallel library in an end-2-end-fashion:

  • client doing his tasks with Jobs in the background to be always responsive
  • little service bus example sitting in the middle coordinating the communication between all working positions and a few back end services.
  • back end services leveraging the “job-pattern” as well for asynchronous and scalable processing of incoming requests.

Note that the sample also includes a CCR-based implementation. If you don’t have CCR/DSS installed on your machine, just comment-out the CcrManager-class in the JobLibrary-assembly.

As promised I will provide the back-port to Visual Studio 2008 containing just the CCR-based implementation so that those who don’t have Visual Studio 2010, yet, will have a chance to take a look at the sample, as well!

If you have any questions, feel free asking me!!!