Wow, what I time was that the past four weeks – BigDays 2010 preparations and rehearsals, then two-week long BigDays-tour through Austria with four sessions + key note demos on each location and now I am sitting at the airport in Zurich heading back from TechDays in Basel where I had two sessions, as well. It was such a great time, I tell you!!

Okay, for the next week you can expect a series of postings on the presentations I gave at our BigDays-tour through our country and TechDays in Basel / Switzerland. And this is the first posting in this series – and the simplest one at the same time:)

For BigDays 2010, all sessions where recorded in Vienna – these recordings are available, already here.

Below are some infos and the download links for the presentations I had at BigDays:

Cloud Computing with Windows Azure PlatformIt was the first session I did together with Rainer Stropek – and it was simply a great session. I hope the feedback will reflect the feelings I have about this presentation. Rainer and I migrated an on-premise ASP.NET web application with a local database and local file system access to Windows Azure leveraging Storage, SQL Azure, Queues and Workers. Thanks for preparing this great demo, Rainer!! Click on the icons below to download the demo and the presentation.

  Voting Session – Parallel Computing with the .NET Framework 4.0
In many cases you get in touch with a hot topic from a totally different context. So it was with parallel computing – originally I got in touch with this topic during a project with Frequentis that was all about designing and implementing always responsive applications and services. Read more details and my whitepaper here and the original ARC-session I delivered at several conferences including TechEd Europe. At BigDays 2010 I delivered a session that focused more on the details of Task Parallel Library, PLINQ and the new ThreadPool-implementation of .NET. It was so much fun delivering this session, although at one delivery I fall into a trap during the presentation as well – it’s simply not an easy topic, but so interesting:) Click on the icons below to download the presentation and the source code of the demos I created. Furthermore take a look at the parallel team’s blog to download the corp-demos from there.

  Visual Studio 2010 Application Life-Cycle Management – Double-Pack with Max
Delivering a session with Max is always great fun and cool. So it was this year at BigDays – the first time we delivered a session together at BigDays although we’re working in the same team for about 4 years, now (damn, time’s moving so fast)! In this session we walked through a complete life-cycle with the new features of VS 2010 in project management, architecture and especially testing. As the code was not so important during this session, I’ll publish the slides, only. You should watch the session recording on the session.

If you have any further questions, feel free getting in touch with me. As mentioned, I’ll create some postings with details during the next week.