…and it’s my baby.

Architects_Small_80x80 Today the conference web site for the 1st architecture conference in the history of Microsoft Austria went live – and I am responsible for this conference. Together with Andreas Hejl from Siemens we were able to organize superb speakers for the conference.


I think this could be a great platform for experience-exchange, for discussing technical and conceptual ideas and for getting the latest and greatest information on Microsoft’s strategies for hot topics such as

Cloud Computing
Parallel Computing

Patterns & Practices
Methodologies & Processes

The speakers we’ve organized are international and local industry experts which are not coming to Austria so often:) To name just a few of them:

Ulrich Homann, Chief Architect Microsoft Services World Wide
Dr. Michael Stal, Senior Principal Engineer & Team Lead, Siemens Corporate Research
Beat Schwegler, Enterprise Lead, Microsoft Western Europe Head Quarters
Mitch Lacey, Mitch Lacey & Associates Inc., International Expert on Agile
Christian Weyer, Co-Founder, Thinktecture, Microsoft Regional Director Germany
Ralf Westphal, Most Valued Professional for Microsoft, Germany

But of course the conference lives and dies with YOU – architects and architecture-interested people which are willing to challenge our presenters, discuss with them and exchange opinions and experience.

I am looking forward to meet you at this conference – it is going to be a special event for several reasons as things are going to change for me right now;)… so don’t miss this conference, join us with this highlight of our architecture community…