Last Monday I did a 2 hour nearly demo-only session at the technical university in Vienna to show some of the nitty-gritty details of ASP.NET AJAX. It was a more detailled version (especially in demos on the AJAX stuff) of the portal I created at our last Big Days road show. As the task was building a web site from scratch I started building this site with Expression Web designer and then completed it using Visual Studio ORCAS. Although - because still in early beta - ORCAS sometimes has some stability issues the imageroundtripping between these two worlds, Expression Web and ORCAS worked seamless although ORCAS ships with a new version of the AJAX Extensions integrated into the .NET Framework 3.5.

Still the AJAX Extensions provide the same functionality as they do with the version available at - therefore I ported the web site back to work seamless with released-only technologies which aren’t in beta. Attached to this posting you can find the samples and PowerPoint slides I presented at the university. The samples attached to this post can be opened with Visual Studio 2005 without any problems. Actually back-porting took me about 10 mins. incl. testing and setting up the database as a file-database using the freely available SQL Express so that you do not need to attach it to your SQL Server.

Required software to run the sample therefore is:

Basically that’s it (I know, developers from Microsoft field know these link above, but the presentation was given to primarily non-Microsoft focussed developers, so I spend some time summarizing the requirements more detailled:)).

You can download the presentation and samples here…