Yes, you may have noticed - except my blog from yesterday I left my blog alone for several months now. Well the main reason really was that I started thinking about what should I blog!? Should I blog about all these standard topics (yet another ???-technology tips&tricks blog)? My clear decision was: NO, it is not useful doing the same thing many other people are doing, already, and maybe even better than I because they are better experts in technology “X”.

After long thinking I think I found a way that is helpful for the readers of my blog and the local architect and developer community that is not something hundreds of other blogger doing as well.

From this time forward I will use my blog to publish architectural content and thoughts as well as a little developer content about solutions and local customer situations we’ve been involved in. Of course that does mean that I won’t blog every day and that there will be maybe a longer period of time between my blog postings depending on discussions or engagement with customers - but on the other hand I really try to focus on the quality of the content will post - quality in terms of “approaches for solutions on the real world”. For this purpose I’ve split my blog into new main categories:

  • Architectural ThoughtsHere I’ll post about my thoughts about getting solutions for various challenges I take out from discussions, conversations and architecture design sessions with customers and partners as well as things I am currently thinking about.
  • White-papers, Publications
    When customers and partners agree I really try to capture things from engagements with them into publications such as technical white-papers or publications in magazines such as the Architect Journal. Postings with this category will either contain papers I’ve written as attachments or links to papers and publications I’ve written for magazines etc.
  • Presentations, Demos, Samples
    Links to downloads for presentations or demos I have shown in sessions at conferences or events and code examples demonstrating solutions for solving problems.
  • Personal Thoughts, My Opinion
    My personal thoughts about some happenings in the industry, on the market, during events etc. … only if I think I have something to tell…

Look forward for technical papers about presentation - I think there will be some interesting coming in the next couple of days because we’ve created some out of customer and partner engagements.

In any case I would be happy about feedback if you miss something or if you have any further feedback about my new blogging strategy here… it would be great to hear something from you;)