As announced in the previous blog, publishing technical papers about interesting architectural concepts from customer and partner engagements is going to be a focus for me from this time forward.

Click here for downloading this first paper in the series!

This is the first paper in this series since my personal blog.restart() and it is about a WPF Smart Client enterprise project we’ve been working on in the past couple of months.

HP banqpro/ is one of the most well-known banking products here in Austria and it is used by several large customers across the country. The banqpro/-team is currently working on a new front-end experience based on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and the .NET Framework 3.x.

The white-paper I have attached to this blog describes the architectural concepts we’ve applied for building this WPF-based smart client. The paper especially emphasizes on motivations and architectural concepts for integrating workflows into Smart Clients of this category. It was one of the primary future requirements for banqpro/.

Note that this is an architectural paper - it talks about concepts and strategies, not about coding details!

Click here for downloading the paper!

banqpro - Combining WPF and WF in Smart Clients.pdf