[restored from my Wordpress blog]

It is about a year ago since I’ve published my last blog post on my old blog, but finally I decided to re-launch my blog based on Windows Azure Web Sites during summer.

My motivation for this re-launch was primarily given by a move into a new team inside of Microsoft’s Technical Evangelism & Development (TED) organization which is led by one of Microsoft’s Technical Fellows, John Shewchuk.

In my organization in specific I now work with partners on a global basis on helping them with applying strategic assets of the Microsoft platform to their solutions and products. That help includes architecting, designing and implementing solutions with and for partners but it also includes sharing the experience we’ve made as part of these engagements through publications and presentations.

That is why I decided to re-launch my blog, now on Windows Azure Web Sites, and restart blogging more often on the experience we’re collecting as part of our work. Of course that always needs to be a good balance and there might be times I blog less while during other times I’ll definitely blog more often depending on my current workload.

Topics you’ll typically find on my blog will be:

  • Thoughts on creating architectures for cloud-based solutions and solutions involving services and devices.
  • Detailed posts that are outlining specific development details on solving certain, common problems when adopting Microsoft’s cloud and app-platform.
  • Pointers to publications I’ve contributed to on other platforms outside of this blog.
  • Follow-up posts on presentations and demos I’ve been giving at events and conferences.

Initially topics will mostly cover my latest areas of focus: Windows Azure, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 as well as running non-Microsoft technologies (such as Java) on Windows Azure.