• Janet Moonshot & FreeRADIUS on Windows Azure – An important step for Researchers for being able to use Microsoft’s Public Cloud Platform

    [restored from my Wordpress blog] Over the past months I’ve spent some time working with Janet the UK’s National Research and Education Network. As well as managing the operation and development of the Janet network, Janet runs a number of services for educationand research including operating eduroam(UK), the UK part of a large, global network established between all sorts of research and education facilities and institutions.
  • GeRes2 - An OSS Framework for Reliable Execution of Background Jobs on Azure

    [restored from my Wordpress blog] A few weeks ago, we published an open-source framework that covers a scenario required by many partners I’ve been working with on Azure over the course of the past 4 years: asynchronous execution of jobs on compute instances in the background – or simple batch processing. Finally, now I found the time (on the plane) to blog a bit about it and point you to that framework.
  • Java & Windows Azure - Using vFabric TC Server with the Azure Plug-In for Eclipse

    [restored from my Wordpress blog] If you plan to use vFabric TC Server as a container for your Java applications in Windows Azure PaaS Cloud Services Worker Roles with the help of the Azure Plug-In for Eclipse, you need to do some customization to the Azure plug-in for Eclipse and add component configuration. This blog-post shows, how you can do it and also gives some background information and context on the scenario.
  • ASP.NET 4.5.1, 'general' integration with OAuth2 and OAuth Authentication Servers

    [restored from my Wordpress blog] Over the past weeks I did work with several software vendors all having the same question: how does the integration of OAuth2 really look like in ASP.NET 4.5.1?
  • Windows Azure – Combining PaaS & IaaS to get best of both worlds in your Architecture

    [restored from my Wordpress blog] While software vendors are looking to spend less time on infrastructure management by leveraging Platform Services (PaaS), this is not always possible. In this post, I’ll talk about combining fully managed platform services with infrastructure services (IaaS) for which customers are having more responsibilities of managing them for an increased level of flexibility.
  • Windows Azure – Console Apps in Platform-as-a-Service Worker Roles the right way!

    [restored from my Wordpress blog] I am currently working with a software vendor in the media space who has some really valuable software assets implemented as console applications, today. These command line applications are used for some high-performance image transcoding/encoding jobs and are implemented with C/C++ (originally built for Unix/Linux environments). Now the partner wants to run this application as part of a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) deployment on Windows Azure using Web/Worker Roles for a new online service they’re currently building. But a requirement is to enable that scenario without rewriting the application and re-using it as it is.
  • mszcools’ thoughts revealed - v2 - welcome...

    [restored from my Wordpress blog] It is about a year ago since I’ve published my last blog post on my old blog, but finally I decided to re-launch my blog based on Windows Azure Web Sites during summer.